Jharkhand to supply labourers for work near the Chinese border

New Delhi: – Jharkhand has agreed to provide 12,000 labourers, from the state, for the road construction work near the Chinese border and other locations. ‘Border Road Organisation’ (BRO) has assured the Jharkhand government of providing complete security to these labourers, given the Coronavirus pandemic and has signed an MoU to that effect. Therefore, India has shown that the tension on the border in the Ladakh region, will not affect the Indian construction work in the border regions.  

Jharkhand, chinese border

The state government of Jharkhand had taken a stand that labourers from the state cannot be deputed for road construction work, given the Coronavirus pandemic. But after receiving assurance for the safety of these workers, the Jharkhand government has agreed to provide workers, for the construction work of these all-important roads. The BRO and Jharkhand government, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to that effect. As per this MoU all necessary care will be taken of these labourers. Therefore, road construction work in the Ladakh and other border regions will start soon.  

The Chinese military attempted to put tremendous pressure on India, infiltrating into the Galwan valley region in Ladakh. The Indian military is developing infrastructural facilities near the Chinese border. India is building airstrips in this area and it is claimed that China resorted to infiltration, panicking because of the Indian constructions. China raised this issue, even during the meeting of senior military officials, from both the countries and demanded that the construction should be stopped. But India has dismissed the demand. The road construction work in the regions near the Chinese border will be expedited due to the availability of 11,800 labourers from Jharkhand. Therefore, the message that India does not pay any heed to the Chinese pressure and objections has been delivered to the international community. Still, China has not given up the efforts and hope to pressurise India. Therefore, the hovering of the Chinese helicopters has increased in the Ladakh airspace. 

The foreign ministry of China, demonstrating aggression on the border, is still quoting that the talks with India were positive.

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