Japan will intercept North Korean missiles, says Japanese defense minister

Tokyo : Japan will intercept any North Korean missiles passing over Japanese cities set off to target Guam island of US, warned Itsunori Onodera, Japan’s minister of defense. Japan has shown its military preparedness by deploying missile defense system ‘Patriot’ in its capital city of Tokyo. Meanwhile South Korea has stepped up their military actions against North Korea.


Couple of days ago, a North Korean press affiliated with the regime, issued warnings on behalf of North Korean military officials to US of targeting its Guam island in the Pacific Ocean. The press warning claimed of firing four Hwasong ballistic missiles on Guam island with its, course over Japanese provinces of Shimane, Hiroshima and Koichi.

US security analysts have taken the threats of North Korea very seriously. They claim that North Korea possess missiles to target Guam island. The threat poses serious security concerns of 14 lakh civilians inhabiting the island. US military has begun evacuation and relocation of inhabitants and also has increased military activities on the island.

In Japan, there are reports of rising demand for ‘bomb shelters’ bunkers due to North Korean threats. Japanese defense minister Onodera, promptly responding to the threat said, “An attack on Guam is a potential security threat to Japan as well. Since the United States has taken responsibility of Japan’s security, an attack on US territory could prove fatal to Japan’s very existence.” Hence Japan will deploy Destroyers armed with ‘Aegis’ against North Korea, in the Pacific region. Aegis is an American anti-missile defense system commonly deployed on US Navy Destroyers. Japan has access to this system due to a defense pact it had signed with US last year.

Followed by the response of defense minister Onodera there is a rise in military activity around Tokyo. Anti-missile defense system “Patriot” is deployed within the premises of the Japanese defense ministry. Japan hopes to use PAC3 Patriot to protect its regions from any North Korean missiles. Japan has ordered their Air Force to remain alert and to conduct war drills.

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