Israeli team arrives in India for research on developing Coronavirus testing kits

New Delhi: The delegation of Israeli researchers has reached India. India and Israel will be working together on the development of a Rapid Test Kit for Coronavirus. It is being said the kit will give results in 30 seconds. Israel Ambassador to India Ron Malka said that when the test is ready, it will prove to be a game-changer in the fight against Coronavirus. Indian and Israeli Foreign Ministers held discussions, only a few hours before the Israeli delegation landed in India.

Coronavirus research

Following the start of the Coronavirus rampage, the Indian and the Israeli Prime Minister had a telephonic conversation. At that time, both the leaders had expressed a resolve to fight the Coronavirus menace jointly. India and Israel also concurred that both the countries would extend technical and scientific cooperation to each other. Directorate of Defence Research and Development of Israel and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India decided to conduct joint research to develop the rapid testing kit for Coronavirus.

The Israeli delegation has reached India for this research. The delegation will be working with the DRDO for the development of the rapid testing kit. DRDO chief scientist K Vijay Raghavan will lead this team of researchers. Once the kit is ready, it will take only 10 seconds to diagnose Coronavirus. Artificial Intelligence will be used in the kit. India will immensely benefit from this research. Ambassador Ron Malka said that this research would prove to be a game-changer.

Coronavirus research

On Monday, ventilators, sanitisers, disinfection equipment and some other instruments also came from Israel, along with the delegation. This includes the technology developed by Israel against Coronavirus. The materials carry a goodwill message, ‘A gift from people of Israel to the people of India.’ Indian Netizens thanked Israel for the goodwill gesture.

Meanwhile, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi held a telephonic conversation on Saturday evening. Coronavirus was the central issue of the discussions. Both the countries reiterated the resolve to fight Coronavirus jointly. Israeli Foreign Minister gave all the details regarding the delegation to S Jaishankar. He also expressed confidence that the cooperation between the countries will continue unhindered. Two days ago, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Israeli Defence Minister Beni Gantz held discussions regarding the defence cooperation. It is claimed that this increasing cooperation between India and Israel will help even in the fight against Coronavirus.

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