Crushing Israeli airstrikes on ‘Quds Forces’ in Syria

Third World WarJerusalem: Israel launched crushing attacks on the base of Iranian Quds Forces, in Syria. The Israeli military informed that the attack on Saturday night was launched to foil a plan of drone attacks on Israel. The Israeli army claimed that these attacks had to be carried out as there was a possibility of drone attacks, on Israel, by Iran and the Hezbollah terrorists. Israeli Prime Minister has welcomed the strikes.

Israeli military informed about the attacks on Sunday. Quds forces, the most effective unit from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has set up a base near capital Damascus in Syria. The group operating under the leadership of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani prepared a dreadful plan to attack Israel with the help of Hezbollah and other Iran affiliated terrorist groups, claimed the Israeli military.

Quds Forces and the other terrorist organisations had made preparations to mount offensive attacks on Israel, with drones loaded with explosives, in the next few hours. The Iranian drones were in a state of readiness at the Syrian base. It was after this information was received, the airstrikes were carried out on Saturday, late in the night destroying the drone base, Israeli military informed. It is said that one Iranian soldier and two Hezbollah terrorists were killed in the airstrike.

Crushing Israeli airstrikes on ‘Quds Forces’ in SyriaIsraeli Prime Minister congratulated the military for the success of the operation. Nevertheless, Netanyahu gave a message to the military, “Finish all those who speak the language of finishing Israel.” Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the Israeli army is working on all levels, to counter the Iranian aggression. However, Iran has rubbished the claims by Israel.

“This is a lie and not true. ..Israel and the United States do not have the power to attack Iran’s various centres, and our (military) advisory centres have not been harmed,” Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Major General Mohsen Rezaei claimed. Both these countries cannot cause any harm to Iran. At the same time, Major General Rezaei said that the Iranian soldiers in Syria are in an advisory capacity. Referring to the attacks in the past, Rezaei accused Israel and the United States of violating the international rules. He further warned that these attacks would be retaliated.

Although the Iranian military denied the attacks, the Syrian army accepted that Israel carried out strikes near Damascus. Syria also claimed that the Syrian air defence system foiled the Israeli attacks. But the locals posted footages of flares emanating from the military base near Damascus on the social media. Therefore, Iran and Syria are hiding information about their military bases, once again.

Meanwhile, after this attack in Syria, Israel declared a high alert for its soldiers. Also, Israel has made intense preparations for retaliation against an attack, by activating the air defence systems at the Syria-Lebanon borders.


Two Israeli drones crash in Lebanon

Two Israeli drones crash in Lebanon

Beirut: Within a few hours of the attack near the Syrian capital Damascus, two Israeli drones crashed in Lebanon early morning on Sunday. After that, the Lebanese military and the Hezbollah terrorists immediately took control of the crash site. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri criticised the attacks saying that the intrusion of the Israeli drones in the Lebanese airspace was a blatant violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

One of the drones crashed on the Hezbollah building while flying over capital Beirut and the Hezbollah has claimed to have captured the second drone as well. No casualties were reported. Even in the past, Hezbollah had claimed to have shot down an Israeli drone. Also, Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri showered severe criticism on Israel. Hariri accused Israel of deepening instability and tensions in the region by sending drones in another country.


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