Israel threatens to destroy S-300 deployed in Syria

Third World WarJerusalem/Damascus: Senior Israel military official General Yoel Strick issued a stern warning saying, ‘If Syria used the Russian S-300 system against our fighter jets, we would destroy the system.’ Also, General Strick claimed that Israel had the defence preparedness to finish off the Hezbollah in Lebanon as even the threat Iran posed in Syria. Only last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had asserted that the Israeli attacks on the Iranian locations in Syria and Lebanon would continue.

Israel, destroy, syria, general strick‘If anyone threatens the Israeli movements, the threat would be eliminated, and we know how to achieve this very well. Additionally, Israel will soon deploy advanced weapon systems in its fleet which can carry out attacks in Syria through the airspaces of the neighbouring countries,’ General Strick said as he issued an open threat. Furthermore, Strick added that if Syria uses the Russian S-300 system against the attacks, the system would be destroyed while claiming that it would be entirely within the legal rights of Israel to do so.

In April, Israel had carried out attacks on Masyaf city from the Hama province in Syria. The Syrian and Iranian bases in Syria were targeted in the attacks. The Syrian S-300 system was deployed very close to Masyaf city. However, the system was observed not to have worked during the attack. Russia had even warned Israel over the attack. Even so, Israel has maintained its stand saying that the Israeli fighter jets would not hesitate to blow away the Russian S-300 system, that Russia gave to Syria.

Along with the attacks in Syria, Israel is prepared to initiate a war against Hezbollah in Lebanon as well, General Strick claimed. At the time, the Israeli official warned that since Lebanon and Hezbollah are inseparable, there was no alternative other than starting a war against Lebanon to put an end to Hezbollah.

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