Israel slams Russian Ambassador for siding Iran and Hezbollah 

Jerusalem: – Israel lambasted Russian Ambassador, Anatoly Viktorov, for his claim that it is Israel who is responsible for the tension in the Middle East and not Iran. Israel pointed out that Russian Ambassador has overstepped the limits with his reaction; it is not in line with the reality in the Middle East. Cautioned by the Israeli response, the Russian Ambassador clarified that the concerned newspaper distorted his statements. He also expressed a hope that this will not affect the relations between Israel and Russia.

Russian Ambassador to Israel, Viktorov, during an interview with a newspaper, given two days ago, claimed that it is Israel who is responsible for the tension in the Middle East and not Iran. Viktorov said that the attacks launched by the Israeli military in Syria and the attacks on the Iranian military bases and Hezbollah arms depots are adding to the tension in the Middle East. Viktorov had said ‘It is Israel who is attacking Hezbollah and Hezbollah has not attacked Israel. Israel, who is a sovereign member of the United Nations, should stop the attacks.’  

Strong reactions emanated from Israel over the statements of the Russian Ambassador. The Israeli foreign ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador. Israeli media claimed that Elon Bar, director of foreign policy in the Israeli foreign ministry severely reprimanded the Russian Ambassador. Bar reprimanded ‘The perceived threat from Iran and its affiliated terrorist groups, especially Hezbollah, is realistic. It is necessary to have bilateral talks regarding the threats for Israel, instead of making inciting statements.’  

The Russian Ambassador startled by the Israeli reaction has started attempts to coverup. Viktorov said that the Israeli newspaper is trying to put incorrect statements into his mouth. Viktorov also said that the Israeli newspaper distorted the statements made by him. Viktorov said that he has also demanded an explanation from the Israeli newspaper regarding this. But the Israeli newspaper has turned the tables on the Russian Ambassador. The Israeli newspaper has retorted that Russia is not a country unaware of the developments, like Ireland or Sweden. 

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