Israel prepares for war against Hezbollah at Lebanese border

Jerusalem: After the war that was fought nearly a decade ago at the Lebanese border, Israel and Hezbollah show signs of struggle once again. It has now come to light that the Israeli army has already begun making full swing military preparations for the war at the Lebanese border. At the same time, Hezbollah has warned that Israel’s nuclear reactor was within the range of its missile systems.

In the year 2003, a war had sparked between Israel and Hezbollah at the Lebanese border. Almost after a month of struggle, both sides had declared their victory. The war that took place between Hezbollah and Israel almost a decade ago, is said to be extremely crucial. After learning from its mistakes in this war, Israel appears to have started preparations in full swing at the Lebanese border.

Israel has constructed 15-20 foot barriers near the Lebanese border. It is said that this is a pre-emptive to curb the attacks and infiltration made by Hezbollah. The Israeli leaders have also corroborated the same. The Israeli leader, M. K. Michael Oren claims that Hezbollah is preparing for the coming war and this struggle would be aimed at crossing over the border and infiltration into Israel. Oren also expressed the possibility of Hezbollah attempting to capture one of the cities and keeping it hostage.

It has now come to light that in order to be able to counter a possible Hezbollah attack, Israel has deployed additional military units and  advanced weaponry systems at the Lebanese border. It is also being claimed that the Israeli army has begun military drills in the area adjoining the Lebanese border.

Against this backdrop, Hezbollah has also made aggressive claims against Israel. It has also warned that  while it possesses missile systems that can target the Dimona nuclear reactor in Israel, it may also use these missiles in future conflicts. Since the past few months, while Hezbollah has been issuing such warnings against Israel, its leaders have openly made statements that if Israel commences a war against Hezbollah, their nation would have to adhere to dire consequences.

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