Israel keen on sharing the antibody against Coronavirus with the world

New Delhi: Israel had claimed to have developed an antibody to counter the Coronavirus. This antibody attacks the virus present in the patient’s body and kills it. Israeli research has become a topic of discussion around the globe. At this time, Ron Malka, the Israeli Ambassador to India, announced that Israel was keen on sharing the knowledge regarding the antibody with the world. Ron Malka also said that the India-Israel relations became stronger during this Coronavirus crisis and expressed satisfaction over the developments.  

This antibody has been developed by the Institute of Biological Research, which operates in the Israeli field of defence. The media quizzed Ron Malka regarding the research. Malka said that the process has not still been completed. Ron Malka proudly said ‘The research is in the final phases. We will very surely share our knowledge with the world.’ The reference made by him regarding the India-Israel relations at this time becomes significant.

The relations between India and Israel has strengthened, especially during this Coronavirus crisis. Malka informed that both the countries shared their experiences regarding Coronavirus with each other. A few days ago, reports had been published that India and Israel were working in collaboration to develop a vaccine for Coronavirus by using artificial intelligence.

India had also supplied Hydroxychloroquine, the drug effective against Coronavirus, to Israel. During that time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had thanked India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his reply, had expressed confidence that India and Israel will jointly counter the Coronavirus menace. Prime Minister Modi had also assured that India would assist its ally in all possible ways.

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