ISIS planning Istanbul-like attacks inside the United States: CIA Director

brennan-Getty-2Washington, dated 30th June (Press)- Chief of the U.S. Intelligence Agency CIA, John Brennan, warned Americans that the Homeland security is not impenetrable to IS and that the possibility of Istanbul kind of attack inside the United States by IS cannot be ruled out.  John Brennan further stated that IS would target the U.S. in retaliation to the recently intensified attack on IS in the regions of Iraq and Syria.

In the backdrop of the attack on the Istanbul city Ataturk airport, the U.S. senate had invited CIA chief, John Brennan, to address the ‘Council on Foreign Relations’. At the event John Brennan expressed severe concern and blamed IS for Ataturk airport attack. IS has so far not claimed responsibility for the attack, however the CIA chief expressed that the modus operandi of the Ataturk attack has a similar pattern to other attacks by IS in the past.  John Brennan further claimed that attacking such public places is a warning by IS to carry out such attacks in the U.S and Europe.

John Brennan mentioned that a weekly newsletter ‘Dabiq’ provides information and learning techniques on Bombs and Suicide Bombers which could inspire many terrorists to attack the U.S.

CIA Chief claimed that in recent times the U.S and its allies have intensified attacks on IS and in retaliation, the terrorists of IS could attack the U.S directly or its global allies.

U.S. President Barak Obama has condemned the Ataturk attack and stated that IS has relented to such cowardly attacks, as they are staring at defeat in the ongoing confrontation in Iraq and Syria. Other U.S. Senators have also expressed concern on the recent attack and feared the possibility of such an attack inside the U.S.

Security establishment of Turkey has so far arrested 13 suspects in connection with the terrorist attack on the Istanbul ‘Ataturk’ International Airport. Four of the thirteen suspects held are found to be of other nationality and confirmed to be connected with the attack.