IS Khorasan Chief arrested in Afghanistan  

Kabul: – Munib Mohammed, the Chief Commander of the terrorist organisation ‘IS Khorasan’, in Afghanistan, was arrested by the Afghan security agencies. IS Khorasan had accepted the responsibility of the attack on the Sikh Gurudwara at Kabul in Afghanistan. Thereafter, the Afghan agencies had initiated an aggressive campaign against terrorist organisations.  

Munib Mohammed was arrested on Wednesday. He is originally a Pakistani citizen. He was a member of Al Qaeda, before joining IS Khorasan. He was also connected with the terrorist organisations Lashkar-e-Taiba, Haqqani Network, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Jamet-Ul-Ulema-e-Islam and Peshawar Shura. At the same time, he was in contact with the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Preliminary investigations reveal that Munib would execute saboteur activities in collaboration with the IS Khorasan and other terrorist organisations. The Afghan security agencies said that a lot of new information will come out in the investigation.   

27 people were killed in the terror attack on the Sikh Gurudwara, in southern Kabul, in the last week of March. IS Khorasan had accepted the responsibility of the attack. Thereafter, the Afghan security agencies arrested IS Khorasan Chief Aslam Farooqi. He was connected with this attack. Following his arrest, Pakistan made a demand to hand over Farooqi to them. Afghanistan dismissed the Pakistani demand. Afghanistan sternly told Pakistan that it would not spare someone, who is responsible for the deaths of innocent people in Afghanistan. Now the question is ‘After the arrest of Munib, who is a Pakistani, will Pakistan make a demand to hand him over to Pakistan?’ But the Afghans will also refuse to hand over Munib, to Pakistan, like in the previous case of Farooqi. 

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