Iran summons UK Ambassador over Iran Embassy attack

Tehran/London: The UK Ambassador was issued a summons by the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Sunday. The Ambassador was summoned because of an incident where four assailants barged into the Iranian embassy and protested by removing the national flag. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has criticised that the British Police were slow in acting against the assailants.

iran, uk, hassan rouhani, Four assailants barged into the Iranian embassy premises located in the ‘Knightsbridge’ area on Friday. These assailants threw away the Iranian flags in the balcony and installed flag and banner of the Khoddam Al-Mahdi organisation. After this the assailants shouted slogans against the Rohani government and stayed put in the balcony for about two hours.

The London police detained all the four assailants on Friday evening. All the four assailants were arrested for illegal entry into the embassy premises. As per the enquiries conducted by the London police, the assailants had not entered the premises of the Iranian consulate but had entered the balcony from outside. The assailants have not caused any breach of security for any of the officials in the Iranian embassy, said the London police.

However, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has strongly criticised the London police action. The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, Abbas Araghchi summoned the British Ambassador and has criticised that the UK had failed to protect their diplomats. The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Qasemi has demanded a stern action by the London police, against the assailants. The British Ambassador to Iran, Nicholas Hopton has not reacted to the Iranian criticism.

Iran has alleged that Khoddam Al-Mahdi is an extremist organisation based in Britain. This organisation is active in Britain against Iran’s Rohani government. The principles of this organisation are opposite to the principles of the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. Iran has declared this as a terrorist organisation. This organisation is claimed to have its centres in Iraq and Bahrain besides Britain.

Meanwhile, over the past few months the dissent against the Rohani government in Iran is on the rise. There had been anti-government protests in Iran about a month ago and these protests had been supported by the United States, UK, France and other European countries.