Iran will be finished if it attacked Israel

Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning ‘Iran should not make the blunder of attacking Israeli cities of Tel Aviv or Haifa. Because if Iran attacked Israel, this would be the last year of celebrating the Islamic revolution.’

NetanyahuIran is celebrating the 40th year of the Islamic revolution of 1979, and on this occasion, the Iranian leaders are issuing threats to Israel and the United States. Senior Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Yadollah Javani threatened that if the United States attacked Iran, the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa would be erased. The Israeli Prime Minister reacted to this threat.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reminded Iran of the consequences saying ‘Israel is not scared of the Iranian threats. But Israel will not ignore the Iranian threats. If Iran makes the mistake of attacking Israel, that will be the last day of Iran.’

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