Intrusion of Russian fighter jets increases in Alaska sector: US air force officials

Alaska: Russian activities in the Alaskan sector are on the rise. Russian fighters made more than 60 flights in this sector. The US air force is feeling the pressure of retaliating against these actions of the Russian air force. Russia is testing the United States through this. David Krumm, Lieutenant General of the US air force, said that the situation is well-handled until now.


Intrusion of Russian fighter jets increases in Alaska sector: US air force officialsIn view of the Russian deployment near the Ukraine border and the raging dispute over the expulsion of US and Russian diplomats, it is claimed that the relations between the two countries have reached the level of hostility during the Cold War era. Against this background, the statements made by Lieutenant General David Krumm of the US air force become significant. Last year Russian fighter jets flew 60 times, close to the Alaskan airspace. The US fighter jets immediately noticed any Russian activity to chase the Russian fighters away. But the Russian fighter generally would have left the scene by then.

Such incidents have been commonplace for the last few years. Lieutenant General Krumm claimed that the increase in Russian intrusion has almost reached the level of the Cold War times. Lieutenant General Krumm noted that Russia is testing the US preparation and resolve through these intrusions. In March, General Glen Vanherck, Chief of the Northern Command of the US air force, had accused Russia of carrying out these activities to increase its influence in the Arctic region.

Intrusion of Russian fighter jets increases in Alaska sector: US air force officialsRussia is preparing to increase its dominance on the global level and is keen to demonstrate its capabilities. General Vanherck accused that this is why Russia involves in these activities. Meanwhile, some analysts claim that Russian activities have intensified since Biden took over as the United States president. Russia had heated the international atmosphere making huge deployments near the Ukraine border. But Russia withdrew this deployment in due course of time. Russia clarified that this deployment was not required anymore.

But as per analysts, the Russian deployment was only to test the Biden administration. Following the military withdrawal from the Ukraine border, Russia held a war exercise in the Black Sea. This also is considered to be a part of the aggressive Russian tactics.

The challenge posed by Russia in the Alaskan sector is exerting pressure on the US air force. There are F-22 fighter jets, an E-3 air defence system and KC 135 airborne refuelling aircrafts deployed here. Lieutenant General Krumm almost confessed that although the US air force is ably facing the Russian challenge now, the strain is apparent. Therefore, there is a possibility that additional deployments will be made to strengthen the security of the Alaskan sector. While the United States is making these claims, Russia has slammed the United States. The Russian foreign ministry accused that the United States is making moves to increase its military dominance in the Euro-Arctic sector and drag NATO along.

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