Interference in internal Nepalese matters will not be tolerated, Nepalese Foreign Minister rebukes China  

New Delhi – Nepalese Foreign Minister, Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, who is on a visit to India said that Nepal could handle its internal problems and external interference is not acceptable. There was a major political upheaval in Nepal, in the last month. Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli recommended dissolution of the parliament and fresh elections. Disturbed by this, China had sent its leaders to Nepal. Against this background, Foreign Minister Gyawali, on a visit to India, has indirectly targeted China. The Nepalese Foreign Minister met Indian Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh and Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh underlined, on this occasion, that there are no inhibitions in the India-Nepal relations.   

Nepalese Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali is on a visit to India and this visit has the backdrop of the political turmoil in Nepal. Last year, the tension was created between the two countries after Nepal published a political map claiming Indian territories. But the indications are that the relations between the two countries are returning to normal after a year. Chief of RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, followed by the Indian Army Chief and Foreign Secretary, visited Nepal. After that, the India visit of the Nepalese Foreign Minister was announced. A few days ago, the Nepalese Prime Minister reiterated that Nepal would control India’s territories. But his utterances were only to blunt the edge of criticism faced by him. Against this background, the Nepalese Foreign Minister has come on a visit to India.  

On Friday itself, India had clarified that there would be no discussions on the border dispute, during this visit of the Nepalese Foreign Minister. It is reported that India told Gyawali clearly that this topic will be discussed at a later date during the meeting. Gyawali’s visit was completed on Saturday. The details of the discussions held by Gyawali with Raj Nath Sing, S. Jaishankar and other leaders have not been revealed.   

But the Nepalese Foreign Minister targeted China, while concluding his Indian visit. Interference in the Internal matters of Nepal will not be tolerated. Gyawali said that there could be concerns and questions, but interference is not acceptable. He has indirectly reprimanded China. Nepal shares good relations with India and China. He expressed hope that both these countries will not compare their relations with the Nepalese relations with the other country. But the indications are being received that the Chinese influence in Nepal is receding.   

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