Indo-Pak war will be sparked in October or November, claims Pakistan railway Minister

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had urged the people, to take to the streets on every Friday, between 12 noon to 12.30 pm, to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir. Imran Khan said that it would demonstrate the unity of Pakistan, to the world. This scheme faced criticism from within Pakistan. But there are clear indications that all these efforts are to create a war fever against India. Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid claimed that an Indo-Pak war will be sparked in October or November. Rashid said that there was a need to prepare the people of Pakistan for the war.

This war with India will not be like the other wars. This will be a decisive war. The Railway Minister warned that 130 million Pakistani youth would stake their lives for the country and religion. Claiming that the Pakistani youth is keen for a solution to the Kashmir problem, Sheikh Rashid predicted immense losses for India. Rashid reminded that Pakistan was a nuclear country and warned that these nuclear weapons could be used against India. Saying ‘The people of Pakistan have to be prepared for this war against India’, Sheikh Rashid declared that he would soon be visiting Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Indo-Pak war will be sparked in October or November, claims Pakistan railway MinisterMajor General Asif Ghafoor, the spokesman of the Pakistan army, informed that when the people of Pakistan take to the streets at 12 pm on Friday, there will be a siren and the national anthem will be played. All this will be only to express support to the Kashmiri people. Ghafoor appealed that the youth should participate in the program. Major General Ghafoor made an inciting statement ‘India may have taken the decision regarding Kashmir, but India will not be able to do anything more. Whatever has to be done now, will be done by Pakistan.’ These statements only prove that the military and its government is trying to ignite a war fever, in the Pakistani population.

While Pakistan speaks of war, Xu Qiliang, Vice-chairman of the Chinese Central Military Commission, visited Pakistan military headquarters. It is said that there were discussions on the Kashmir issue, and a defence cooperation agreement was signed. No details regarding the agreement have been disclosed as yet. Therefore, even if China is not taking an open stand opposing India or making vitriolic statements, it is apparent that it is standing behind Pakistan. China and Pakistan have undertaken joint military exercises near the Indian territory of Ladakh, and both the countries are trying to increase military pressure on India.

While speaking to an international news channel, Pakistan Information and Broadcasting Minister, Fawad Choudhary, expressed concerns that a nuclear war will be sparked with India. All the Pakistan ministers along with the Prime Minister have been trying to draw the world’s attention to the Kashmir issue, by threatening with a nuclear war. These Pakistani leaders have been trying to threaten the international community along with India. But their threats have not being taken seriously by the international community. Disappointed by this, Pakistan criticises the world is ignoring the Kashmir issue given the vast Indian market.

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