Indian Air Force fully prepared for any situation on both China, Pakistan fronts: IAF chief 

New Delhi: – Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria issued a strong warning to China and ia, who are joining hands against India that the Indian Air Force (IAF) is in a state of complete readiness, to face any eventuality. IAF is fit to fight on both China and Pakistan, simultaneously and the IAF has made all the requisite deployments for this purpose. The capability of the IAF is much more than the Chinese air force, on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Still, the IAF will not make the mistake of underestimating the enemy. 

A few days ago, the Atal tunnel, reducing the distance between Manali and Leh by 45 kilometres, was dedicated to the nation, by the Prime Minister. This tunnel will keep Leh and Manali connected, in all weather conditions and therefore this tunnel becomes militarily very important. The Indian Army and tanks can reach Leh through this tunnel and Atal tunnel will make it possible to make rapid military movements on the China border. This matter has badly hurt China. Therefore, the Chinese government mouthpiece, Global Times, issued a threat to India, over the Atal tunnel.   

The Global Times bragged that India could use the Atal Tunnel during peace times. But India should not dream of using this tunnel during war times. Because if a war breaks out, China will first target the Atal tunnel and will not allow India to use it. Since the last few days, China has adopted a policy not to take an aggressive stand against India, on the official level and continue to issue threats through the Global Times. Therefore, it had become mandatory for India to reply to the Global Times, on the official level. Indian Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, while addressing a press conference, asserted that the IAF is fully ready to defend both the Indian borders. At the same time, the IAF Chief has reprimanded China with a direct statement that the Chinese air force cannot defeat the IAF, in the Ladakh sector. The IAF Chief reassured the country, saying that despite this the IAF will not commit a blunder to remain ignorant. The IAF Chief made a suggestive statement that the IAF is ready to defend on both China and Pakistan borders and has already made all the necessary deployments for the purpose.   

The IAF has acquired the capability of carrying out attacks deep into the enemy territory, with the induction of Rafale fighter jets into its fleet. The IAF Chief said that the IAF could wipe out the enemy in its first attack, with the Rafale jets. At the same time, the IAF Chief indicated that proposal for inclusion of more Rafale fighter jets into the IAF fleet is under consideration. The military analysts also are advising that India should cover the shortfall of a few squadrons of fighter jets, felt by the IAF, with the inclusion of super-advanced fighter jets like Rafale. The French company Dassault Aviation had presented an attractive proposal that more of these Rafale fighter jets, can be supplied to India at a more economical price and in quick time.   

The IAF Chief delivered a message that India is ready to inspire awe in China, who is threatening India through the Global Times. Since the last few days, the Indian stand regarding China is becoming clearer, direct and specific. Before this, the Indian leaders and defence officials were using a measured language, while speaking about China. But now, India has started retaliating with language and actions, which will be understood well by China. As per the analysts studying China, this Indian aggression has severely jolted China and China has still not recovered from the shock. 

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