Indian Prime Minister Modi’s China visit gives positive indications after informal Heart-to-Heart summit with Jinping, claim analysts

Wuhan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned home after concluding a discussion with the Chinese President Xi Jinping that was titled “Heart-to-Heart”. This visit is claimed to be successful and the indications are that regional equations will soon change. As per experts, such an inference can be drawn considering the positive changes in the Chinese position, after antagonising India in the Doklam dispute.

There were detailed discussions with President Jinping, during this two-day visit of Prime Minister Modi. There was consensus about taking the bilateral cooperation to new heights and some important decisions were announced in that respect. Both the leaders agreed on making efforts to maintain peace and friendly atmosphere at the border. At the same time, India and China will be implementing joint economic projects in the conflict-torn unstable Afghanistan.

As per the diplomats, there was a conflict of Indian and Chinese interests in Afghanistan. This is the first time China has decided to cooperate with India after being insistent that it should be Pakistan who takes a comprehensive position in Afghanistan. This indicates the change in the Chinese stance on the issue. What is remarkable is that the Chinese foreign Ministry has also informed that China will not pressurise India to participate in the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI).

President Jinping claimed India and China to be the major supports for the multi-pillared world. The President expressed his desire of India and China, therefore, jointly making positive contribution to world peace and development. ‘India and China should be great neighbours and friends. Both nations should use each other’s influence on the international level to fulfil their dreams for development’, Jinping said while giving a message.

Indian Foreign Secretary, Vijay Gokhale informed that Indian and Chinese military will be taking steps to improve bilateral trust. It is said that the Foreign Secretary also indicated that a military ‘Hotline’ will soon be established between to two nations.

It is clear that the tone of both the leaders in Prime Minister Modi’s visit to China was that, if India and China decide to cooperate with each other at a time when there is widespread instability in the world, it will be highly beneficial for both the countries.

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