Indian Prime Minister delivers a message to China and Pakistan in the SCO Meeting

New Delhi: – Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the 20th conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Since the tension between India and China festered, following the Galwan conflict, this is the first time Prime Minister Modi and President Jinping have faced one another via SCO virtual meeting. But, following the convention to avoid discussing bilateral issues, Prime Minister Modi reprimanded Pakistan and China remaining within the framework of the SCO conventions.   

Prime Minister Modi said that while increasing the connectivity between the two countries through infrastructure development, respect for the sovereignty of the other country is very important. The Indian Prime Minister has delivered an appropriate message to China, who is intruding on the Line of Actual Control, in Ladakh. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi delivered a blow to Pakistan, raising the issue of terrorism, without naming Pakistan.  

Prime Minister Modi reiterated the demand for a permanent seat for India, in the UN Security Council. He said that this organisation will be incomplete without the expansion of the UN Security Council. Although shadows of India-China and India-Pakistan tension were seen in the virtual meeting of the SCO, the Indian Prime Minister maintained the decorum by not mentioning bilateral issues. At the same time, the Prime Minister also took this opportunity to deliver stern messages to the neighbouring countries like China and Pakistan. At the same time, he also assured the SCO that when the Coronavirus vaccine is developed, India will use all its available resources to manufacture the vaccine in massive proportions. 

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