Indian Navy stopped Chinese misadventure: Vice Admiral AK Chawla

Kochi: – Vice Admiral AK Chawla said that despite the tension reigning on the LAC in Ladakh, China could not think of any misadventure in the Indian Ocean Sector and the Indian Navy has a major role in ensuring that. While addressing a press conference in Kochi, Vice Admiral Chawla issued a stern warning to China saying that the Indian Navy was and is prepared to counter any Chinese misadventure in the Indian Ocean region. Indian Navy is enhancing its capabilities and might and Vice Admiral Chawla expressed confidence that by 2022, aircraft carrier INS Vikrant will join the Indian Naval fleet.   

Vice Admiral AK Chawla said that China had been clearly warned not to mess with India in the marine sector as well as on the borders. Indian Navy is powerful. Vice Admiral Chawla said that therefore, he felt that there is no possibility of anyone daring aggression against India, in the marine sector. Vice Admiral Chawla clarified that the Indian Navy is ready and is augmenting its capabilities further, continuously.   

Vice Admiral Chawla also claimed that the Indian Navy has special stress on increasing its capabilities more and more. Meanwhile, it is claimed that China attempted certain moves to challenge India, in the Indian Ocean sector, while the tension is reigning on the LAC at Ladakh. But the Indian deployment in the Strait of Malacca gave palpitations to China. Chinese freight movement passes through this region. Indian Navy dominates the Strait of Malacca and China is fully aware that India can block the channel, stopping the freight movement, at any time.   

India demonstrated the glimpses of its might by arranging the Malabar war exercises, at a time when the border dispute between India and China is intensifying. The United States, Japan and Australia also participated in these exercises. As per analysts, these exercises, held in two phases, has made China more restless. Moreover, the Indian Navy has sent warnings to China by testing the anti-warship missiles and anti-submarine torpedoes. It is claimed that China has been delivered an appropriate message through this spate of tests.  

The domination of the Indian Navy, in the Indian Ocean Region, has become an eyesore for China. This is why China is trying to keep India engaged on the border from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. As per Indian analysts, the main Chinese objective is reducing the domination of the Indian Navy, in the Indian Ocean region. But China has not succeeded in reducing the domination of the Indian Navy. Instead, India is posing a counter challenge for China, by aligning with the United States, Japan and Australia. 

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