Indian Navy’s Mission Sagar: INS Kesari reach Mauritius

New Delhi / Port Louis: On Saturday, the INS Kesari Warships, which have been deployed under the Mission Sagar to deliver medicines to five nations, reached Port Louis in Mauritius. Earlier, India had provided 13 tons of vaccines with medical equipment and Hydroxychloroquine to Mauritius via Air India flight. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Mauritius has expressed gratitude for India’s assistance.


Apart from the neighbouring nations within the boundaries of the Indian Ocean, India has also deployed medical aid to five other countries that are located amid the Indian Ocean, which are Maldives, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros and Seychelles, who are also trying to fight the Coronavirus. India’s Mission Sagar was initiated from the Maldives, and the INS Kesari reached Mauritius under the same banner.

Mauritius has been supplied 10 tons of medicines. Moreover, a 14-member special medical force has also reached the place, which includes naval doctors and paramedics. This new team of doctors will be assisting the Mauritian doctors in testing for COVID and Dengue patients. On Saturday, after the INS Kesari ship reached the Mauritian port, an Indian Navy official handed over the medicine boxes to the Health Minister of Mauritius.

Meanwhile, Mauritius Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, thanked the Indian Prime Minister on social media for sending the supply of Hydroxychloroquine medicine. Hence, PM Modi too, has expressed gratitude to PM Jugnauth.

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