India supplies 75,000 MT wheat to Afghanistan

New Delhi: – India supplied 75,000 metric tonnes of wheat, to Afghanistan, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Afghanistan has thanked India for this gesture. Tahir Qadri, the Afghanistan Ambassador to India, expressed gratitude for the Indian help by saying, ‘One who stands with you during crisis only is a true friend.’  

india-afghanistanFood crisis had developed in Afghanistan after the onset of Coronavirus pandemic. India came to Afghanistan’s rescue. India supplied nearly 75,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan between April and September via the Chabahar port in Iran. India provided this wheat to Afghanistan in ten instalments. The Indian embassy in Afghanistan gave this information. The embassy added that this was in the form of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.   

The trade between India and Afghanistan has regularised after Iran opened the Chabahar port for freight movement to Afghanistan. Now India does not have to depend on Pakistan to supply goods to Afghanistan. India started the supply of wheat to Afghanistan via the Chabahar port from 2017.   

Meanwhile, two days ago, there was a terror attack on the university in Kabul. Twenty-two people were killed in the attack. Qadri said that India stood with Afghanistan even during this crisis. He stated that Indian officials visited the Afghan embassy in India to express their condolences. Qadri gave this message that India is always with Afghanistan during any crisis.   

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