India reprimands China over the Jammu-Kashmir issue 

New Delhi – Although the entire world is busy fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, China is not willing to let go of any opportunity to outwit India. Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations had said that China is closely monitoring the situation in Jammu-Kashmir. But India reprimanded China saying that Jammu-Kashmir is a sovereign part of India and the developments there is an internal Indian matter. 


A few days ago, the Indian government took some crucial decisions regarding Jammu-Kashmir. As per these decisions, people domiciled in Jammu-Kashmir were allowed to buy property and avail reservations in government jobs. Pakistan made a fuss over the decision. Pakistan pleaded with China to raise this issue in the UN Security Council. 

It was reported that China refused to oblige Pakistan in this matter, but still, China wants to show that it has taken cognisance of the Pakistani demand. Therefore, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations made a statement that China is closely monitoring the developments in Jammu-Kashmir. The Chinese Ambassador has also assured Pakistan that the Kashmir issue will be important for the UN Security Council. India attacked China, who is making instigating statements regarding Jammu-Kashmir. India reminded China that Jammu-Kashmir is an integral part of India and developments there is an internal matter of India. Anurag Shrivastava, the spokesman of the Indian Foreign Ministry clarified that the Indian expectation is that China should respect Indian sovereignty. Jammu-Kashmir is faced with the terrorism exported from Pakistan. Pointing to this, Shrivastava demanded that China should denounce the cross-border terrorism in a strong language. The Indian foreign ministry spokesman retorted that instead of monitoring the developments in Jammu-Kashmir, China should focus on the terrorism exports from across the border. 

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