India will keep receiving full cooperation from US, announces White House official

Washington: – Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff, said that in the border dispute between India and China, the United States is standing firmly behind India with all its might and will continue to do so. Meadows also asserted that China would not be able to gain control over the South China Sea because the United States will not allow that to happen. US aircraft carriers are sailing in the regions of Chinese influence, and this is creating massive military tension on China. Meadows seems to have clarified the position of the United States against this background.

White House

Only two days ago, US aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan were deployed in the South China Sea. Meadows clarified the US stand while talking about the India-China border dispute and the presence of the US aircraft carriers at the same time, to a US news channel. He stated that even today, the United States is the mightiest country in the world, and the same message has been delivered by the deployment of two aircraft carriers in the South China Sea. Meadows drew attention to the growing Chinese movements in the South China Sea. This senior official from the White House said that the United States is firmly standing behind India in its border dispute with China. Criticism against Chinese aggression is being made in the US Senate too, just like the White House and Indian stand is being supported. Influential US Senator Tom Cotton criticised that China has demonstrated its expansionist stand in the Ladakh dispute during an interview with the news channel, Fox News. Cotton presented the US stand in clear words that none of the Chinese neighbours are safe from Chinese military aggression. According to him, these countries need assistance from the United States and will be provided with aid. The deployment of the aircraft carriers in the South China Sea is also for the same purpose.

US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are consistently firing salvos of criticism at China. At the same time, the United States is also delivering a message that Chinese arrogance is not tolerable anymore. China, after feeling the pressure of the US aggressive stand, has dug up border disputes with nearly all the neighbouring countries. Although China seemingly has dug up border disputes with most of its neighbours, to demonstrate that it is not scared of the United States, the ploy seems to have boomeranged on China. Nearly all the neighbouring countries have started targeting Chinese expansionist policies.

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