India admitted to Missile Technology Control Regime

India succeeded in securing an entry to the MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime) – a influential group of nations. India’s entry to MTCR will enable it to access as well as provide other countries with high-end missile and protection technology.

Missile Technology Control Regime

India’s MTCR entry would help in furthering of non-proliferation in more efficient manner. During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit, the US had supported India’s MTCR entry, subsequent to which the process was initiated and on Monday. Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar signed the MTCR accession instrument. The said process was marked by presence of diplomats of France, Netherlands and Luxembourg which makes India 35th MTCR member. United States, France and world’s major eminent countries are member of MTCR. However, till date China has not got an entry into the MTCR.

Post MTCR entry, substantial rise in India’s influence added on to China’s worries due to which China had blocked India’s entry to the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group).

With entry in Missile Technology Control Regime, India can import high-end missile technology from the US and other countries. This will accelerate India’s Missile Technology Programme. Simultaneously India can provide the said missile to its friendly nations. This shall result in expansion of India’s influence.

India’s Missile Technology Control Regime entry caused distress to China and Pakistan which was the main reason of China’s persuasion on Pakistan’s NSG entry. Pakistan also expressed concern over India’s MTCR entry and claimed it as a serious threat to Pakistan’s security. India’s MTCR entry represented victory of India’s diplomatic efforts, said Pakistani analysts and criticised their Pakistani government.

Pakistani analysts also expressed further concern that by gaining US’s support for MTCR and NSG, India is leading on political lobbying, resulting Pakistan to remain behind.Media reports say that Pakistan has been so alarmed with this development that itis preparing for appointinga new agency for lobbying with the US.

India’s success with the United States is an outcome of its efforts along with failure of Pakistani government at large.Pakistani critics also further alleged that the Pakistani political authorities’ favouring of India has also caused a huge impact on Pakistan.  

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