India lashes out at China over remarks on Jammu and Kashmir

New Delhi: Pakistani attempt to raise the Jammu and Kashmir issue in the UN Security Council with help from China failed once again. At the same time, China referred to the Indian decision to abrogate Article 370 regarding Jammu and Kashmir as illegal. India lashed out at China in strong words over this issue. Indian foreign ministry reprimanded China that it has no right to poke its nose in the Indian internal matters.   

The union government took an important decision to abolish Article 370 and declared Jammu and Kashmir as a union territory. Pakistan was expecting that after this it will be able to corner India by carrying out terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir and globalising the issue, labelling it as an outburst of local unrest. But now, Pakistan, who failed to achieve this goal, is grappled with fear that it may lose PoK. Therefore, Pakistan is trying to raise this issue on global platforms.   

Pakistan expected that the members of Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) would take a stand on the Jammu and Kashmir issue. But this group, under Saudi Arabian influence, where Pakistan also is a member, avoided taking any stand in the matter, thus making Pakistan more restless. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has threatened that if a meeting of the OIC members cannot be organised, Pakistan will convene a meeting of the Islamic countries supporting Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. This shows that Pakistan is drifting away from its long-standing close allies like Saudi Arabia.  

When all the Pakistani efforts on the Kashmir issue are failing, it made one more attempt to start a discussion in the UN Security Council over the issue with Chinese assistance. None of the permanent or non-permanent members except China supported the Pakistani move. Therefore, an informal meeting was held at the behest of China, who is a permanent member. No records have been kept of the meeting, and no statement has been issued. Almost all the countries agreed that Kashmir is a bilateral issue, and there is no point in wasting the time of the UN Security Council. Pakistan once again fell flat on its face.  

Thereafter, India castigated China. Before this, a spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry had said that the Indian decision to abolish Article 370 was illegal. Indian foreign ministry lashed out at China over this statement and the support given to Pakistan in the UN Security Council to raise a question. The foreign ministry warned that China does not have any right to interfere in the internal Indian issues. India also advised that China should draw an appropriate inference from the repeated failures to raise the Kashmir issue in the UN Security Council.  

China is facing embarrassment because of the aggressive stand taken by India over Ladakh, and therefore, China is becoming aggressive on the Kashmir issue through Pakistan. The intention is to deliver a jolt to India. China is also grappled with the fear that the investment in the CPEC project will be under threat if India decides to take over PoK. As per analysts, China is making all the possible effort to globalise the Kashmir issue with Pakistan. 

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