India does not have to listen to any lectures regarding vaccine supplies: French President Emmanuel Macron

Porto/New Delhi: The first summit between India and 27 members of the European Union was held on Saturday. The European Union members thanked India for the cooperation extended by India for the fight against Coronavirus over the last year. French President Emmanuel Macron upheld the Indian side. President Macron lashed out, ‘India need not listen to lectures from anyone regarding vaccine supply.’ Some people are objecting that the vaccines manufactured in India are not being supplied to other countries. The French president seems to have delivered a direct message that when a superpower like the United States is unwilling to part with the vaccines lying in stock, one cannot expect the generosity from a country like India, where the Coronavirus pandemic is on a rampage.


India does not have to listen to any lectures regarding vaccine supplies: French President Emmanuel MacronIndia is appealing that the United States, the world leader, should take the initiative to supply vaccines to underdeveloped countries. But the Biden administration had adopted a stand first to complete the vaccination of the US population, ignoring the Indian appeal. But the United States finally removed the Corona vaccine from the purview of the Intellectual Property Rights Act.

The European Union has firmly lashed out at the US stand at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic is playing havoc around the world. The US decision is not beneficial in the short term. A decision will have to be taken in the World Trade Organisation regarding the manufacturing of vaccine, which could be a long-drawn process. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, appealed that if major action is to be taken against Coronavirus, the United States should lift the ban on its exports.

In the same meeting, French President Macron praised the Indian generosity. President Macron lambasted, ‘In the last one year, India supplied medicines and humanitarian aid to countries worldwide. India helped the other countries even when the Coronavirus pandemic was rampaging in the country. Therefore, India need not pay any heed to anyone lecturing them over the vaccines supplies.’

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