India bans 118 apps including PUBG, leaves China in hot water

New Delhi: – While the tension mounts at the Ladakh border, the union government took a major decision. The government has banned 118 apps, which have a large number of Chinese apps, including PUBG, a popular app among students and youth of the country. The government took this action, saying that these apps are a threat to national security and sovereignty. It is claimed that China will suffer losses worth billions of dollars due to this ban. Before this, the government banned 106 Chinese apps in the last two months.   

Pubg Following the strong jolt delivered by the Indian soldiers to the intruding Chinese soldiers, India delivered a major economic jolt to China on Wednesday evening. The banned apps are top-rated in the country, having millions of users. PUBG is the biggest development in the ‘Banned’ apps list. There are 33 million active users of this Chinese app, in India, which was a craze among school and college students and even the serving class. As per the data released by the government, each day, more than 12.5 million people were active on this app.  

No data is available regarding the profits reaped by China through these apps. But the government said that the action was taken, as these apps were posing a threat to national security and sovereignty. It has also been clarified that the ban was necessary for the security of the Indian cyberspace. It was said that all the companies and people running these apps were located outside the country and therefore, the ban was required as there was a theft of the users’ personal data.   

Before this, in June and also in the last month, the union government banned 106 apps. These included TikTok, UC Browser, Helo and ShareIt. The United States and Australia are following Indian action. Meanwhile, there is a huge Chinese app Industry in India. India has millions of mobile users and it is said that China is earning millions of dollars through these apps. Therefore, in June, China had expressed concerns over the Indian ban on Chinese apps. 


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