India announces ban on 43 Chinese apps

New Delhi/Beijing: While reports are surfacing that a large number of cyberattacks are being launched into India from China, India has announced a ban on 43 more Chinese apps. These include shopping, video and even dating apps. The security agencies had informed that China and Pakistan are using the dating apps and websites for espionage in India. Therefore, this ban on Chinese apps becomes significant.


India announces ban on 43 Chinese appsIndia started a spate of anti-China decisions after the cowardly Chinese attack in the Galwan Valley. The decision to ban Chinese apps is believed to be an important decision out of these. Accordingly, bans were imposed on 59 apps in June, 47 in July, 118 in September and 43 have been banned now. Four apps owned by the Alibaba company, of renowned Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma, also feature in the list of banned apps. The Indian information technology and electronics ministry announced the ban on Chinese apps.

The apps have been banned, citing national security issues. These banned apps are said to include dating apps mainly. Officers and soldiers are targeted using these apps, and attempts are made to pull them into the net. This action to ban the apps has been taken after receiving complaints of this nature. Even in the past, reports had been received that China and Pakistan are trying to launch cyberattacks on India in various ways.

India announces ban on 43 Chinese appsMeanwhile, a Singapore company linked to cybersecurity has exposed the groups launching cyberattacks in India. There are four groups, of which two are Chinese, one is Pakistani, and one is from North Korea. The company has expressed doubt in its report that these groups have the support of the governments of China, Pakistan and North Korea. Before this, the United States, the United Kingdom and other western countries had accused that China was behind the cyberattacks being carried out in those countries.

A few weeks ago, Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had said that there was an increase of 500% in the cyberattacks and cybercrimes in the country. Doval had expressed concerns over the situation and had appealed to the citizens to be cautious on this front. While the India-China relations are strained, the possibility of cyberattacks from China has increased. Against this background, the Indian government seems to be taking appropriate precaution with the ban on these apps.

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