India announces its very own navigation system ‘NAVIC’

ISRO successfully launches the seventh and final satellite

India has created history by successfully launching the seventh and the final satellite ‘IRNS1G’ completing the ‘Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System’ (IRNSS – IRNAS) series. India thus joins the likes of developed nations like the US, Russia and France who have their own ‘Global Positioning System’ (GPS). The President and the Prime Minister have congratulated ISRO and the citizens of India on this success.

The ‘PSLV-C33’ rocket took off at around 12.50 PM from the Satish Dhawan Space Center, Shriharikota. In about 20 minutes the PSLV was expected to eject the satellite out of the earth’s orbit. As per the estimated time the satellite stabilized in space at a height of 497.8 km following which the researchers at ISRO found themselves flooded with congratulatory messages. President Pranab Mukherjee too has praised ISRO for this achievement.

Congratulating the research scientists at ISRO, President Mukherjee said that this achievement on India’s part underlined its capability in the field of space science. The entire nation was proud of ISRO, he added. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who watched the launch via a live video link, wholeheartedly praised the ISRO scientists for this success. The Prime Minister lauded also the huge achievements that Indian Scientists had made till date in the field of Space Science. 

‘It is going to be India now, who will decide its own course and also the way to move forward on it’, said the Prime Minister. This Navigation System will be known as ‘NAVIC’, announced the Prime Minister. India now becomes one of the few nations that have their own GPS system, a feat that an otherwise enormously powerful country like China too has yet not been able to accomplish. NAVIC is going to bring India huge benefits and at several levels. Security agencies will now be able to access data within and outside the borders of the country. In 1999 when Pakistan caused ‘Kargil’, India had appealed to the US for help with the GPS. The US had however, declined to help, underlining all the more in the process, the imperative need for this system. It is thus beyond doubt that NAVIC is of extraordinary importance as regards the security of the country. The field of science and technology too has much to gain from this system. This system can transmit more effectively than ever all information essential to fishermen and make available to travelers diagrammatic guidance too. In the times to come, India will be able to provide required information to its neighbours, added Prime Minister Modi in this congratulatory message.

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