India’s aggressive stand increases pressure on China 

New Delhi: – The brigadier level talks have started between India and China in an effort to diffuse tension on the Ladakh border. But there is a strong possibility of the negotiations proving to be futile, like the previous rounds. The Indian demand is that China should first withdraw its military to the pre-April positions, from the region, as it was China who intruded into Indian territory. Whereas, China is saying that India must withdraw its military first. Therefore, there are indications of the tension festering further, instead of reducing, as both the countries are adamant on their respective stands.   

China had challenged India with intrusion into Indian territory and had attacked the Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley. As per Indian scholars, the intrusion and the attack were not instinctive, and the orders had been issued directly by the Chinese President. The Chinese plot was to get India jaded and withdraw its military, only after getting its terms accepted. The Chinese intention also was to bring more and more Indian territory under its control and send a message to all the smaller countries looking up to India as a capable ally against China. But the Indian military turned the tables on China.   

After handing out a terrible beating to the Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley, the Indian army took control of the strategically important hills to the south of Pangong Tso lake. Indian politicians and military analysts believe that the Indian military should make the preparations in such a way that the military can take over more locations with aggressive action in the time to come. China is trying to save the Aksai Chin region under its control by insisting that the Indian military should withdraw first. It has been reported that China has planted landmines in this region for this purpose.   

The freezing cold is becoming unbearable for the Chinese soldiers. Former military officials are claiming that the Chinese soldiers will not be able to sustain this cold. China has been cornered due to all these factors, and indications are being received that China is proving to be weak in the military discussions. Despite this, the Chinese military is trying to save its face by adopting an aggressive stand. Senior statesmen and analysts are advising the Indian government that it should take advantage of the Chinese situation and increase the pressure further on China. Indications are that the Indian position on the Line of Actual Control will remain aggressive in the time to come. Therefore, claims are being made that India may change its stance even regarding Tibet.  

Meanwhile, Rafale fighter jets of the Indian Air Force are also hovering in the Ladakh airspace. Through this, China is being made aware that if the Chinese military tried to forge ahead, India would strike with all its might. The change in the Indian stand from patience to aggression has come as a major psychological shock for China, and the international media have observed that China is trying to preserve its prestige in the border dispute. 

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