Drastic increase in migrants seeking refuge in Europe

Migrants crisis in GreeceIn 2015, between January and May, there were 350,243 migrants seeking shelter in European countries. In 2016, in the 5 months from January to May, this number has risen by more than 150,000 to 509,412.

This tremendous increase in the number of migrants seeking sanctuary has greatly added to the misgivings and unease of the European nations.

The sense of insecurity generated by the refugee crisis is fast increasing amongst the residents of Europe. There has been a sharp increase of law and order incidents in the famous cities of Europe. There is social and political dissatisfaction spreading in the countries traditionally considered being the safest and stable; and fears are that these may turn into fractious States. The rising migrant numbers have raised a new challenge for the European Governments.

In the group of migrants seeking sanctuary from countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan,   the Western Balkan region, Pakistani refugees are also present.

In the past year, the number of Pakistanis trying to find refuge in Europe has grown considerably.