Human trafficking gangs are taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic, warns Interpol

Leon: The international organisation Interpol has warned that criminal gangs involved in immigrant infiltration and human trafficking are taking undue advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic. Only a few days ago, Interpol conducted an extensive campaign and arrested more than 200 criminals involved in human trafficking. After that, the Interpol chief warned that these crimes are on the rise during the Coronavirus pandemic.   

eu_migrationAgainst the background of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Interpol launched a global campaign named Operation Turquesa 2. The campaign was carried out in 32 countries, including the United States and Europe. Nearly 3,500 immigrants attempting illegal intrusion in various countries were taken into custody. At the same time, more than 200 criminals from the gangs, involved in human trafficking, assisting these immigrants in illegal intrusion also were arrested. These even included criminals having Red Corner Notices issued against them.   

While giving information regarding the operation, Interpol Chief Jurgen Stock warned that the threat of immigrant intrusions and human trafficking has increased against the background of Coronavirus pandemic. Many people facing problems due to the Coronavirus pandemic are exploring options to move to other countries for employment and other reasons. The Interpol chief warned that gangs involved in human trafficking are taking advantage of this.  

At the beginning of the year, after the lockdown was imposed in many countries, the number of immigrants coming to Europe and other countries were observed to have been reduced. But after the relaxation of the lockdown, the immigrant intrusions have increased again. A few months ago, a Greek daily had made a serious allegation that Turkey was preparing to push a massive number of immigrants into Europe. After that, a Greek Minister had exposed that Turkey is systematically sending immigrants coming from countries like Somalia.  

Against this background, the Interpol action and the warning issued by its chief becomes significant.   

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