Hong Kong people protest strongly against Chinese interference in trade

Third World WarHong Kong: The discord between the Chinese government and the people of Hong Kong seems to be intensifying by the day. The people of Hong Kong who were protesting against the extradition bill since the last few days, openly expressed displeasure against the Chinese traders, on Saturday. The people of Hong Kong made an aggressive demand that the Chinese traders are dominating the Sheung Shui area, and they should stop their trade.

Hong kong, chinese interference, tradeThe Hong Kong administration had presented a controversial bill for the extradition of criminals to China, in the last month. The people of Hong Kong alleged that this bill was a ploy to handover all those raising their voice against China. But the Pro-Chinese administration chose to ignore this and supported the bill. The people of Hong Kong took to the streets, alleging that this justification was nothing but the interference of the Chinese government.

Following this, massive protests are being held against the pro-Chinese administration, since the last three weeks and the protestors have reached even the parliament house. After this, the defeated administration is still playing with words saying that the bill is dead. But the people of Hong Kong have not paid any heed to this claim and have decided to continue with the agitation. Not only the bill, but the agitators have decided to also protest against all the different symbols of Chinese interference and the Saturday protests, are considered to be a part of the same.

The Chinese traders are dominating the Sheung Shui region, in Hong Kong and the local traders and economy is being hit by it. But no action is being taken against it, because of the pressure from the Chinese government. Recognising this, thousands of protestors entered the Sheung Shui area, shouting slogans to reclaim the Sheung Shui area. Many traders from the area were forced to keep their shops closed because of this dash. The agitators have indicated that the protests will continue and the pressure will be maintained on the pro-Chinese administration.

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