Hizbul preparing for a major terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir, warn the intelligence agencies

Srinagar: – The intelligence agencies warned that Hizbul, frustrated with the massive deaths of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, is planning a major attack in the state. The security agencies have eliminated 80 terrorists from Hizbul. These include Riyaz Naikoo and some other high-level commanders. The intelligence agencies have reported that Hizbul has planned to accelerate the terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir and is trying to recruit youth from the valley for this.

A few days ago, Hizbul commander Riyaz Naikoo was killed in an encounter with the security agencies. Hizbul Chief Sayyad Salahuddin accepted that this had delivered a major jolt to the terrorist organisation. Salahuddin had confessed that the organisation had been weakened saying ‘Is Waqt Dushman Ka Palda Bhari Hai’ (The enemy has the upper hand as of now). The terrorists have been despondent because of the actions initiated by the security forces, making Hizbul weaker. Against this background, the Hizbul terrorists are trying to make their presence felt by attacking the security forces. The intelligence agencies warned that a major terror attack is also being planned to avenge the killing of Riyaz Naikoo and other Hizbul commanders. The intelligence agencies also warned that Hizbul terrorists have received orders from across the border to launch major attacks in the next ten days.

A unit of Hizbul terrorists from south Kashmir has reached Kishtawad. As per sources, this unit is trying to regroup local Kashmiri youth. Ashraf Moulavi, a terrorist from Hizbul, has reached Kishtawad from Anantnag to oversee the operation. Hizbul has also drawn up a plan to instigate the local youth for executing their terror plans. The sources informed that these youth would be used for stone pelting at the security agencies at the time of the terror attack.

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