Hezbollah would lead Lebanon to destruction, warns Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu

Tel Aviv: ‘The hidden Terror Tunnels of Hezbollah and its suspicious activities at the border areas can draw Lebanon into a war with Israel. However, if that happens, the destruction of Lebanon is certain, and Hezbollah would be the only cause for it,’ Israeli President Reuven Rivlin sternly warned. The Israeli President also threatened Hezbollah saying that the Israeli military was ready for the security of the country.

Another terror tunnel was found near the Israeli border with Lebanon, and the Israeli military has published a video of the tunnel. Two days ago, the Israeli President had visited the border to inspect the tunnel and to assess the readiness of the Israeli military. Also, President Rivlin issued a clear warning to Lebanon during the visit.

The Israeli President accused the Lebanese government of being entirely responsible for all the developments in the Lebanese border areas. Rivlin criticised the Hezbollah-built terror tunnels opening inside the Israeli border which are clearly in violation of the international laws and also a challenge to Israel’s sovereignty. Furthermore, the Israeli military could go to any extent to retaliate against Hezbollah’s provocation, he warned.

‘Hezbollah should not attempt to run Iran’s agenda in Lebanon. If the Iranian agenda of attacking Israel from Lebanon is executed, the Israeli military will give a fitting reply. Hezbollah thinks of itself to be the saviour of Lebanon nevertheless it may have to face destruction only because of Hezbollah,’ the Israeli President warned.

Meanwhile, Russia has suggested to Lebanon that it needed to take precautions not to create tensions near the Lebanon-Israel border. Also, for this reason, the Lebanese government required to curb the Hezbollah, Russian government reprimanded.

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