France to deploy aircraft carrier to Mediterranean to counter Turkey’s aggression

Paris/Ankara: – Since the last year, France has decided to deploy its aircraft carrier in the region to check the aggressive Turkish activities in the Mediterranean Sea. French Defence Minister Florence Parly gave information regarding the deployment. Simultaneously, Cyprus, the country from the Mediterranean Sea region, has signed a defence agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is being said that this agreement is a part of the efforts to stop the Turkish aggression in the Mediterranean Sea region. Due to these moves by the European and Middle Eastern countries and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, huge pressure has been created on Turkey has initiated reconciliation with the European countries.   

Last year, Turkey carried out unilateral oil exploration in the Mediterranean Sea region. Turkey deployed warships in the region for this purpose. According to international regulations, these regions fall in Greece and Cyprus’ territories, these countries objected to the Turkish activities. But Turkey continued with its activities without paying any heed to the objections. The European Union and NATO also objected to this Turkish arrogance. Greece and Cyprus being members of the European Union, the Union announced that it was standing firm behind these countries.   

France adopted an aggressive stand on this issue and strongly criticised the Turkish policy. At the same time, France sent its destroyers to the Mediterranean Sea region to support Cyprus and Greece. France also participated in the multinational war exercises with Cyprus and Greece. Thereafter, Greece signed a comprehensive defence cooperation agreement with France and announced fighter jets and warships from France. A few months ago, French President Emmanuel Macron had fired a salvo of criticism saying that the Turkish policies are like an enemy country.   

Against this background, French announcement to deploy its aircraft carrier, Charles De Galle, becomes significant in the Mediterranean Sea region. The French Defence Minister Florence Parly referred to the counter-terrorism campaign in the Middle East, while announcing the aircraft carrier’s deployment. She also said that the deployment would be done by the middle of this year. But as per analysts, this could be a part of the strategy to increase pressure on Turkey.   

While France announced the deployment of the aircraft carrier, Cyprus signed a defence agreement with UAE. As per the agreement, both the countries will be jointly holding war and training exercises. At the same time, Cyprus informed that steps would be initiated to increase military cooperation in the Mediterranean Sea region. Before UAE, Cyprus has signed defence agreements with Israel, Egypt and Jordan.  

Turkey has claimed rights over many sectors in the Cypriot limits and deliberately announced oil exploration plans. The European Union has even imposed sanctions against Turkey over the issue. The pressure on Turkey seems to have increased further, following this defence agreement between Cyprus and UAE. Before Cyprus, even Greece has signed a defence agreement with UAE. Greece has also initiated steps to increase cooperation with Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.   

Turkey seems to have been properly cornered in view of Cyprus and Greece’s efforts to increase cooperation with other countries and their success. Turkey has indicated to reconcile with the European countries, as it is becoming apparent that the European and Gulf countries are forming a front against Turkey. Turkish President Recep Erdogan, made a statement that Turkey is keen to bring the European Union relations back to its original state. Turkey also announced willingness to hold talks with Greece to resolve the dispute over the Mediterranean Sea region. 

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