France demands international deployment to implement Armenia-Azerbaijan peace accord

Paris: – It was decided in the peace accord, signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with Russian initiative, that Russian peacekeeping force will be deployed there. But now, Turkey also is making moves to deploy its soldiers and France has become aggressive against this. French President Emmanuel macros has made a strong demand that the Minsk group, who had mediated in the previous Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, must participate in the implantation of the peace accord.   

turkey-franceWar flared up between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in September, in the Nagorno Karabakh region. The war has ended after a long 40 days and the intervention of Russian President Vladimir Putin proved vital in ending the war. As per the peace accord signed with the Russian initiative, Azerbaijan will retain the parts won by it. At the same time, it was noted that the Russian military would remain deployed in the region connecting Armenia with Nagorno Karabakh. The military and security agencies of Azerbaijan will be present in the regions awarded to Azerbaijan, into the peace agreement. But now, reports are being received that Turkey has started moves to have its military deployed in the region. The Turkish parliament has passed a bill to that effect. Claims are also being made that Turkey is talking to Russia over the issue. The possible Turkish deployment in Nagorno Karabakh has become a cause of concern for France and it is believed that the demand for an international squad has emerged from the same concern.  

French President Macron has raised the issue of the refugees who left Nagorno Karabakh during the period of the war. Macron said that repatriation and settlement of these refugees is an important issue. The French President demanded the presence of the international squad saying that therefore, the participation of the Minsk Group will be important for proper implementation of the peace accord. The Minsk Group has French representation along with the United States and Russia. Turkey had strongly opposed the Minsk Group and had fired salvos of criticism against it. Taking the same thing into account, the French President seems to have proposed participation of the Minsk Group.  

In the last few years, France has vehemently opposed the aggressive Turkish policies and at times has even resorted to action. The two countries are consistently at loggerheads over the issues of Syria, Libya, immigrants in Europe, tensions in the Mediterranean Sea and terrorism and the tension between the two countries is said to be scaling dangerous levels.   

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