Five Eyes may expand to include Japan in alliance to counter China

Tokyo: Efforts to strengthen the International front against China, against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic and the expansionist policies of the Chinese communist government, are being made on different levels. Moves to include Japan in the Five Eyes Alliance, known to be the group of intelligence agencies, have gained momentum, as a part of these efforts. The United States and the United Kingdom have taken this initiative and the Japanese Defence Minister indicated that Japan would welcome the proposal if received. Chinese media also have taken cognisance of the development and have warned that Japan will have to face serious consequences if it joins the alliance.   

Against the background of the second world war, intelligence agencies of the United States and the United Kingdom had agreed to increase cooperation. After that, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were included in the alliance. Steps to strengthen this alliance had been taken during the US-USSR cold war period. But now, against the background of the increasing cooperation between Russia and China and the increasing activities of this front, talks have started about expanding the alliance.   

Two years ago, during the US action against the Chinese company Huawei, proposals for expansion of the alliance had surfaced. At that time, indications were that Japan, France and Germany might be included in the alliance. Thereafter, the US lawmakers had appealed that even India and South Korea should be included in the alliance. These activities are gaining momentum against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic and the raging political conflict, between the United States and China.   

The Coronavirus pandemic has delivered severe jolts to the global economy and the United States and the European countries have started moves to reduce dependence on China. Japan in the third-largest economy and is among the five leading countries in the technology sector. Japan has credible influence in the Asian continent based on its technological ability, trade partnerships and financial might. Taking this into account, the Japanese inclusion in the Five Eyes Alliance could prove extremely beneficial.  

During a function organised by a thinktank, a few days ago, the British lawmakers indicated that Japan may prove to be a precious strategic partner. Japanese Defence Minister Taro Kono was present in the meeting. He pointed to the threat that China is trying to build a China-centric global system, using its Technological and financial might. Furthermore, he added that Japan is prepared to cooperate to stop these activities and if a proposal to join the Five Eyes Alliance is received, Japan will welcome it. 

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