EU is a weak power that cannot protect itself: Hungary PM

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Budapest : After the terror attacks on Germany and France and  Britan’s exit from the European Union, the EU has now reduced down to weak regional player who is unable to fulfill its responsibilities and in turn no longer can protect its people said the Hungarian Prime Minister- Victor Orban. After the terror attack in Munich- Germany, in which a lone gunman killed 9 people and injured 27 others on Friday, Orban commented that he was greatly discouraged.


“It’s now time for the European Union to leave behind its fake ideals and pride. The European Union has now lost its position at international level and has now became a regional player who cannot protect its borders and  citizens, in addition it has lost to keep its citizens together. Weak EU is unable to restrict migrants which is going to increase due to increase in the population of Africa and Asia the number of migrants in EU are going to increase“, said the Hungarian PM.

EU is a weak power that cannot protect itself: Hungary PM

“I am very disappointed due to Germany’s terror attack”, said Orban. “In the last 30-40 years we have looked at Germany  as a guarantor of democracy, but what happened few days ago in Nice- France has been repeated in Germany and this danger is now heading towards all of us. The country to which we were thinking as a main country and a centre of all European countries, itself is being attacked by terror is a serious matter. Because of this attack it is now proved that a country like Germany also cannot assure the protection of  its citizens ”said Orban.

“Europe has lost in the political leadership test and in next union meeting there should be discussion on Europe’s future“, said the Hungarian PM. He also blamed European bureaucrats to be more dangerous than terrorists. At that time Orban appreciated US presidential candidate Donald Trump for his campaign against terrorism.

In the last 1 and 1/2 year tenure Europe faced major disasters like Greece economical adversities, migrant issues, terror attacks and Brexit. After this, the differences between EU countries can be seen and because of this its future is questioned. On this background the criticism by the Hungarian PM is catching attention.

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