European Union confesses that the influx of immigrants into Europe is illegal

Brussels: The European Union (EU) admits that the immigration from African continent into European countries is mostly that of illegal immigrants and not of “true refugees’.

EU council chief Donald Tusk and other senior officials via a letter and a press conference informed that the immigration from Africa to Europe does not consist of refugees, but mainly of people seeking jobs and employment. Since past few months, EU has tried various options to prevent influx of immigrants. The statements issued seems to be a part of the same effort. 

Few days back, the EU council chief, Donald Tusk issued a letter to its member countries highlighting the rise of 26% in African immigrants into countries like Italy. In his letter, he has termed the immigration as ‘illegal’ and accepted that the prevailing EU policies are insufficient to prevent further immigration. He stressed upon the importance of having the gain to have the control over the Mediterranean Sea to stop the influx of immigrants.

After the letter of Donald Tusk, other senior officials of EU, while addressing a press conference, expressed a sharp opinion to refer the migrants as “economic opportunist”. The officials expressed their anguish on the illegal migrants entering Europe without any valid documents.

Two years back, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on humanitarian grounds had allowed an “open door policy” for refugees from Iraq and Syria. Since than more than 2 million refugees have entered in Europe. Along with refugees from Iraq and Syria, a large number of immigrants from Africa and Asian countries have entered in Europe.

Many groups and various media houses have published reports on how thousands of immigrants from other countries have entered in Europe on the basis of falsified documents, evidencing their residence in Iraq and Syria. However, the EU had instructed its member countries to allow the immigration by treating everyone as a refugee. 

In such circumstances, since few months EU is prohibiting the entry of refugees from any other nation except Iraq and Syria. Stringent efforts are underway to deport the refugees who have already entered. Duel policy implementation of financial assistance and imposing prohibitions are amongst the efforts taken by the EU. Immigrants entered EU for economic opportunity can be prohibited by stringent restrictions to reject their immigration. 

Opposition from the member countries and unbearable burden of the refugees has led the EU to openly take a position to differentiate refugees from those migrants who are seeking economic opportunity. The confessions from Tusk and EU officials reflect the current situation and an indication of an aggressive stand that would be adopted in the coming time by EU for the deportation of immigrants.

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