Egyptian soldiers deployed in Syria

Idlib: A unit of the Egyptian army, consisting of 150 soldiers, reached Idlib, to fight in support of the Assad government in Syria. A leading Turkish news agency reported this quoting military sources. Egyptian deployment in Syria becomes one of the biggest developments. Therefore, the Turkish and Egyptian military will confront each other once again, in Syria, following Libya.

Egyptian soldiers deployed in SyriaAs per the information given by a Turkish government-linked news agency, a minimum of 150 Egyptian soldiers, equipped with rifles, have reached Idlib in vehicles, via Hama. These soldiers have landed in the Khan Al-Asal area in the Saraqib city in the Aleppo province in northwestern Syria. This deployment, of the Egyptian soldiers, is for the security of the Assad government. The Turkish news agency reported that these Egyptian soldiers are patrolling along with the soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iran affiliated terrorist organisations, against the terrorists with Turkish affiliations.

Along with Egypt, Iran also has increased its deployment in the area. Turkey has, therefore, claimed that Iranian soldiers, Iran affiliated terrorists and Egyptian soldiers are planning a big joint action in the region. The Turkish news agency alleged that Iran and Egypt are preparing to end the ceasefire, in Idlib. The Idlib province in Syria is very close to the southern Turkish border and Turkey had launched massive attacks to gain control over this region. But Russia intervened to enforce a ceasefire.

No reaction has been received from Iran and Egypt over the Turkish allegations. But it is being said this Egyptian soldier deployment will worsen the conflicts, in Syria as well as Libya. Tensions between Turkey and Egypt are already at their peak, in the Libyan conflict and the sparks of the conflict also seem to be reaching Syria.

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