Dr Harsh Vardhan assumes his responsibility as WHO Chairman

New Delhi: On Friday, Central Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan took charge of his responsibility as the Chairman of the 34-member WHO executive board. At the time, he said, I feel deeply honoured to have the trust and faith of all my nation and its people. The WHO has approved an independent investigation of Coronavirus after multiple accusations on China. Against this background, Indian Central Health Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan has been appointed as the Chairman of WHO executive board.

Dr Harsh Vardhan has succeeded Dr Hiroki Nakatani and assumed this responsibility. Moreover, Dr Harsh Vardhan officially assumed the responsibility when the WHO virtually conducted the 147th session of this executive board. At the time, he paid respect to the citizens around the world who lost lives amid this Coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, Dr Harsh Vardhan also added, “The pandemic has made humanity acutely aware of the consequences of ignoring the strengthening and preparedness of our healthcare systems. In such times of global crisis, both risk management and mitigation would require further strengthening of global partnerships to re-energize interest and investment in global public health.”

Meanwhile, Dr Harsh Vardhan also gave an insight into the efforts being made by India. He said the mortality rate in India is 3 per cent only. In a country of 1.35 billion, there are only 0.1 million cases of COVID19. The recovery rate is above 40 per cent, and the doubling rate is 13 days.

Furthermore, Dr Harsh Vardhan also expressed faith that it is essential to undertake extensive efforts to eradicate a disease that is causing numerous deaths. It is imperative to find better improvements, given limited medicines and vaccines to treat the virus. This development will strengthen if the member nations work together in the same direction.

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