Decision to cancel hanging of the killers of Daniel Pearl reversed, after being reprimanded by US  

Washington: – The Pakistan high court invalidated the death punishment handed out to the killers of US journalist Daniel Pearl. The decision has been placed on hold following an intense reaction from the United States.  

The high court in the Sindh province announced an important decision regarding the petition filed by the four accused in the case of the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl. The court cancelled the death penalty handed out to the main accused, Ahmed Omar Saeed Shaikh, converting it into seven years of imprisonment. Whereas, the court ordered the release of the other three accused by cancelling their life imprisonment terms.   

But the US Assistant Secretary in south Asia, Alice Wells, reprimanded that cancelling the sentences, awarded to the killers of US journalist Daniel Pearl, is an insult to all the victims of terrorism. India too has criticised this decision. India has also decided to raise this issue with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). 

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