43 charred to death in a fire in Delhi  

fire in Delhi  New Delhi: – 43 people were charred to death in a dreadful fire that broke out in a building, in the Anaj Mandi area, of North Delhi. The personnel rescued 63 people trapped in the building from the fire department. Some of them are said to be in serious condition. Everyone was sleeping soundly when the fire broke out. The police informed that some people died of suffocation, as the narrow building passages got filled with toxic Carbon Monoxide. The owner of the illegal factory that was being run in the building has been arrested.  

A building in the Anaj Mandi area caught fire on Sunday, early in the morning. An illegal bag factory was operating in the building. The fire started on the second and the third floor occupied by this factory and then spread everywhere. All the electric metres are on the ground floor and they are safe. Therefore, it is a high possibility that the fire started in the factory.  

There were 59 workers in the factory and they were sleeping after working till late in the night. The fire started after that. Therefore, nobody noticed the fire. The workers tried to escape after the fire broke out, but all the avenues to escape were closed. The third and fourth floor of the building was filled with toxic Carbon Monoxide. The source of Carbon Monoxide was the burning of some materials in the bag factory itself.  

43 of the 59 people employed in the illegal factory were killed in the fire. Many others were injured and some of them are said to be in a critical state.  

Some other people also were trapped in the building and the fire personnel rescued them. This area has narrow lanes and there were obstacles in the building passages too. It was a major exercise for the fire department personnel to douse the fire. Finally, the fire department personnel succeeded in rescuing 63 people, risking their own lives.   

Meanwhile, President Ramnath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi have declared deepest sorrow over the incident. The central government has announced an ex-gratia relief of ₹200,000 to the next of kin of those killed, whereas the Delhi government announced an ex-gratia relief of ₹1 million.  

The fire in the Anaj mandi refreshed the memories of the Upahar Theatre Fire, 22 years ago. 59 people were pushed to death and 100 were injured in the Upahar theatre fire. 

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