US includes Cuba in the list of countries supporting terrorism

Washington/Havana: – The United States included Cuba in the State Sponsor of Terror list, accusing it of harbouring groups involved in criminal activities. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, made this announcement. President-elect Joe Biden had assured to improve ties with Cuba. It is being said that this action of the Trump administration will create obstacles in Joe Biden’s path. After the revolution led by Fidel Castro, the Communist government came to power in Cuba in the last century. After that, in 1960, the United States imposed stringent sanction on Cuba by including it in the list of countries supporting terrorism. Former US President Barrack Obama had taken the initiative to withdraw sanctions against Cuba.   

In 2015, Obama met the then Chief of Cuba Raul Castro, against the background of the United Nations meeting. In 2016, Obama withdrew sanctions against Cuba and held an official meeting with Castro. After that, the regulations governing foreign investments, tourism and other matters had been relaxed. President-elect Biden had also assured to take the initiative to restart economic transactions with Cuba. But the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement on Tuesday may corner Biden and his administration.   

Pompeo justified the action against Cuba, saying, ‘The Castro Regime in Cuba is oppressing the Cuban population, and the Trump administration’s stand has always been that this should not be encouraged. President Trump had strongly opposed the Cuban activities in Venezuela and other countries. The new action is a part of the same campaign, and the Cuban government has been delivered an appropriate message through this. The Castro regime should stop its anti-US activities and stop supporting international terrorism.’  

An intense reaction has been received from Cuba over the US action, and the Cuban foreign department accused that this decision is nothing but political opportunism. 

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