Coronavirus spreads furthermore across the globe

Brussels- 3,13,889 people have lost their lives due to the Coronavirus, across 212 countries in the world. Moreover, 4,300 people who lost their lives in the last 24 hours have also been included. On Monday, the World Health Organisation has held a meeting to discuss the containment of the rapid spread of Coronavirus. At the time, a possible backlash is anticipated by the US and its allies, who are against China and the organisation helping it.

The whole world is struggling to fight off this Coronavirus and the total number of patients has reached close to 84,00,000. Furthermore, about 96,000 patients have surfaced for two consecutive days around the world. The US is affected as well and 1,237 patients in the US have died due to Coronavirus in only 24 hours. Besides, more than 10,000 patients have lost their lives in the US ever since. On Saturday, the US reported 25,000 new Coronavirus patients. 

Moreover, as per the information published on Sunday afternoon, 600 patients have lost their lives in Europe due to this virus. Whereas, 26,000 more patients have been reported there. Apart from the US and Europe, Brazil has faced a strike as well. In the last 24 hours, Brazil has seen 813 deaths due to the virus and 15,000 more cases have been reported. The total number of Coronavirus patients in this country has reached upto 3,00,000. Moreover, the Brazil Health Minister resigned from his position, due to facing failure in attempts to contain the situation. Besides, two health ministers in Brazil resigned from their post only within a month. 

Meanwhile, the WHO meeting is going to start only in the next few hours. This meeting will bring the US and China in a face-off. The US has accused China of hiding information about Coronavirus. Moreover, it has also claimed that the WHO is a Chinese ally. Hence, it is anticipated that the US and allied nations may take an aggressive stance.

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