Coronavirus plays havoc in Europe

Rome – In the last 24 hours, more than 2,000 people have died due to Coronavirus in the European continent. Whereas, 15,000 new cases have been reported from Europe in one day. The condition in Italy, Spain and France has become very perilous, and 769 deaths were reported from Spain alone. Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe gave a desperate reaction that it is impossible to get relieved of the pandemic anytime soon.

As per the information given by the Spanish agencies, 769 people have died in the last 24 hours, and a minimum of 8,000 new cases of Coronavirus have been reported. After these developments in one single day, the Spanish government has decided to extend the lockdown till 12th April. 4,858 people have died in the epidemic in Spain till date.

712 people have died in Italy, where the maximum number of deaths have been reported in Europe. There have been a total of 8,215 deaths in Italy and 4,861 deaths have been reported from the Lombardy province alone. The total number of cases in Italy are over 80,000 and 3,612 of these patients are in Intensive Care Units.

The pandemic claimed 365 lives in France in one day, and the total has reached 1,696. As per reports, there has been an addition of 4,000 new cases in France. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe expressed grave concerns over the situation in the country. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe warned the French population, regarding the crisis, in desperate words ‘France is completely trapped in the Coronavirus crisis and it is not possible to get out of this situation, at least for the next few months.’

Following Italy, Spain and France, the situation in the United Kingdom is also festering. It was announced that 113 people died in the pandemic in the United Kingdom on Thursday. There has been an increase of 2,000 new cases of Coronavirus in the United Kingdom, taking the total number of Coronavirus cases in that country to 11,658.

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