Iran’s anti-Coronavirus task force affirms the country has over 500,000 infections  

 Tehran: The Novel Coronavirus has claimed 4,000 lives in Iran while the number of cases has risen to 62,000. However, deadly information has surfaced that the actual number of cases and deaths in Iran is in multiples of that being revealed. In view of the crisis, Iran has appealed for the withdrawal of sanctions imposed against it.   

The COVID-19 pandemic, which started in Iran in February, is now spreading rapidly. The Iranian National Coronavirus Combat Task Force claimed that ‘Although 62,000 cases of Coronavirus are said to have been recorded in the country, the actual number is much higher. Iran has over 500,000 Coronavirus cases in the country, but the Iranian agencies are not willing to reveal this information. The spread had quickened because of religious pilgrimage.’ Even though the officials of the Iranian National Coronavirus Combat Task Force have asserted that the number of new Coronavirus cases has crossed 500,000, the Iranian agencies are not ready to disclose this information.   

A few days ago, the United States had expressed willingness to help the Iranian population. Nevertheless, the Iranian military officials had dismissed the US proposal. The Iranian leaders have stated that their country does not need the US aid but have demanded the sanctions to be withdrawn. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has appealed to the international organisations to uplift the sanctions imposed on Iran.  

The sanctions are creating significant obstacles in Iran’s war against the Coronavirus pandemic. The United States is, however, unwilling to ease the pressure on Iran by withdrawing sanctions and has instead announced the imposition of fresh sanctions a few weeks ago. 

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