Coronavirus cases in India cross 330,000

New Delhi/Mumbai: – The number of lives claimed by Coronavirus in the country has crossed 9,000. Coronavirus claimed 331 lives in the 24 hours, ending Sunday morning, and 11,929 new cases were reported. This has taken the total number of cases in the country to 321,000, and it is clear that the number of Coronavirus cases in the country reached 330,000 by Sunday evening. In Maharashtra, Coronavirus has claimed 120 lives with an addition of 3,390 new cases. Even capital Delhi reported 56 deaths and 2,224 new cases. Union Home Minister Amit Shah convened a high-level meeting because of the rapid increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Coronavirus cases, India

Currently, more than 150,000 Coronavirus tests are being performed per day in the country, and therefore, the number of finding new cases has increased. The health ministry informed that till date, 5,558,000 tests had been performed in the country. The rate of recovery also has reached 50.60%. Till date, 162,378 patients have recovered. On one hand, this comforting news of improving recovery rates is being received, and on the other, concerns are increasing because of the ever-growing number of Coronavirus cases.

Maharashtra reported 120 deaths on Saturday. Out of these, 79 deaths were from Mumbai. There was an addition of 1,395 new cases on Saturday, taking the total number in the city to 58,135. Whereas, the total number of cases in the state of Maharashtra has reached 107,958.

Delhi has the second-worst situation, after Maharashtra, and the number of Coronavirus cases has reached 41,182. Looking at the rate at which the number is increasing in Delhi, the possibility is being expressed that the situation could worsen. Against this background, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held discussions with Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Important decisions for containment of Coronavirus were taken during the meeting. The number of tests in Delhi will be increased and 500 railway coaches, specially modified to serve as isolation chambers, will be deployed for emergency situations.

The number of Coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu has crossed 45,000. 1,900 new cases were reported from the state on Sunday, and 38 patients died. Gujarat reported 29 Coronavirus deaths and 511 new cases were added.

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