Israel to build new settlements in West Bank

Jerusalem: – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced, ‘We are going to be here and the building of Israel will continue’. Prime Minister Netanyahu made this announcement; he informed that the nation has permission to construct 800 settlements in Judea and Samaria, for Israeli refugees. Israeli and Turkish media are claiming that this announcement by the Israeli Prime Minister, just a few days before Joe Biden swearing in as the US President, is significant.   


These settlements will start in the Itamar, Bait El, Showei Shomron, Oranit, Givat Ziv, Tal Manashe and Nofei Nehemiya areas. Out of these, 200 units will be constructed in Nofei Nehemiya and 100 units will be built in Tal Manashe. It is being claimed that the Israeli Prime Minister is delivering a message to the administration in the West bank with the sanction given for the construction of settlements in Tal Manashe.  

Only last week, Esther Horgen, a Jewish woman, was killed in an attack in Tal Manashe. Esther’s husband claimed that terrorists killed her and demanded that the Israeli government increase the Israeli settlements in the area. It is being said that therefore, the Israel government announced the construction of 100 settlements in the area, delivering a message to the extremists. Although the Israeli Prime Minister has announced constructions in the West Bank, the proposal will be approved by the coming week’s defence ministry. The meeting of the Israeli construction department is also scheduled to be held in the next week. As per the Israeli media, the proposal will be approved in the meeting. The Israeli and Turkish media are pointing out that Israel is approving the West Bank’s construction before Joe Biden take over as the President of the United States.   

President-elect Joe Biden is a bitter opponent of Israeli settlements in the West bank. In 2010, when he was the Vice President in the Obama administration, he had strongly criticised the construction of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Whereas, Israel had announced the construction of 1,600 settlements in the West bank, while Biden was on a visit to Israel. The United States and European countries had criticised that Israel is violating the international regulations by constructing settlements in the West bank. Israel had dismissed these allegations.   

Meanwhile, the existing US President Donald Trump had approved the Israeli construction of settlements in the West Bank. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo had said that construction of these settlements does not violate any international regulations. 

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